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3 Unique Memorial Ideas to Celebrate Your Loved One November 13, 2019

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3 Unique Memorial Ideas to Celebrate Your Loved One, Willimantic, Connecticut

Memorializing a loved one who has recently passed may help with the grieving process. There isn’t only one right way to do this. In fact, you can closely tailor the monument to the person’s interests or personality. If you’re trying to think outside of the box, here are some options for the memorial.

3 Ideas for Unique Monuments

1. Memorial Benches

Did your loved one have a favorite park, town, or public spot where they loved to spend time? See if you are allowed to place a bench created in their memory at the spot. For example, Wickham Park in Manchester and Woodbridge both accept bench donations. 

You can personalize this type of memorial by attaching a plaque with your loved one’s name and a short message. This will help you feel even more connected to that spot every time you visit.

2. Trees & Plants

monumentsA tree, plant, or shrub can serve as a living monument to someone who has passed. Plant one in your property so you remember your loved one whenever you care for it. You can also add a plaque to the site to explain why you selected a particular species to represent the person.

3. Personalized Headstone

If you want to stick with a traditional, or not so traditional cemetery headstone, you can still add unique elements that really showcase their life or personality. For example, you can include an image or quote that summarizes who they were. It could be something inspiring or even slightly humorous to bring a smile to your face whenever you come visit.


If you’re interested in creating a custom plaque or personalizing a monument, Tri-County Memorials in Waterford, Norwich, Willimantic, CT, will help. Serving those east of the Connecticut River, this memorial builder offers custom headstones, grave markers, monuments, and plaques. They are dedicated to providing quality craftsmanship and personalizing each product to your exact specifications. In business since 1973, this friendly team treats every customer like a member of their family. Learn more about their creations online or call (860) 443-8744 (Waterford) (860)886-6200 (Norwich) (860)456-8658 Willimantic to start your project.

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