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How Do You Prevent Erosion & Runoff From Ruining Your Landscaping? November 12, 2019

Ballwin, St. Louis County
How Do You Prevent Erosion & Runoff From Ruining Your Landscaping?, Ballwin, Missouri

Erosion and runoff can quickly ruin a gorgeously manicured yard, especially if there’s a slope or a portion of ground that is exposed to rain or wind. However, there are some strategies you can use to protect your landscaping and keep your yard in optimal condition, even through the harshest weather of the year.

3 Tips for Keeping Erosion & Runoff From Ruining Your Landscaping

1. Install Retaining Walls

A retaining wall is a vertical wall, usually made of brick or stone, that can help break up a significant slope. Instead of having a substantial incline, the retaining wall breaks it up so that the soil can rest more naturally at two separate elevations. With this barrier in place and the more sustainable slopes on each side of the wall, there’s a smaller chance of water runoff and exposure ruining your landscaping.

2. Install a Drainage System

landscaping Ellisville, MOExcess water often causes the soil to erode. If there’s a significant amount of pooling around your yard or water lines that continuously run over the same area, the ground is going to experience severe runoff. To prevent this, try to direct the flow of water away from these areas. Have a drainage system installed under your landscaping so water can easily seep into lower levels, or you can divert water from gutters away from sensitive regions with downspout extensions or rainwater collection bins.

3. Use Plants, Grass, & Mulch

Plants’ roots tend to keep soil in place, and they provide a barrier between the ground and the elements, so there’s less of a chance that it will break loose when water or wind impacts the area. Mulch can also help to prevent erosion by covering the soil and helping it retain moisture, which is very useful for keeping it in place.


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