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How to Cope When a Loved One Is Terminally Ill November 11, 2019

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How to Cope When a Loved One Is Terminally Ill, Poteau, Oklahoma

When someone’s death is anticipated, family members are granted the opportunity to say goodbye. Unfortunately, this small comfort is rarely enough to make up for the pain of watching a loved one’s condition deteriorate. If your relative is about to enter hospice care, you may be wondering how on earth you’ll cope with the transition. While nothing can eliminate the stress or subsequent grief entirely, the following strategies may provide at least some relief. 

Looking After Your Loved One

Naturally, the patient’s physical and mental state will depend on the extent of their condition. As long as you turn to a reputable agency for hospice care, though, you can be sure your loved one will be in good hands. Experienced providers will attend to the patient’s medical needs and strive to relieve the worst of any symptoms, thereby ensuring their comfort. You can provide emotional support by visiting often and spending quality time with your relative.

It’s not uncommon for those facing death to experience waves of grief; some days, they want to talk about nothing but funeral plans and final arrangements. On other days, they may not want to acknowledge the situation at all. Let your relative take the lead, and try not to take it personally if he or she is angry at times. Negative emotions—and even angry outbursts—are normal in such a situation. 

Looking After Yourself 

hospiceIt’s easy to neglect yourself as a loved one approaches the end of their physical struggles; however, failing to address your own physical and emotional needs will only make it harder to be there for your relative. Your schedule might be hectic, but try to maintain a normal sleep schedule and continue eating balanced meals every day. When possible, get in some gentle exercise, as well. Research indicates physical activity can relieve stress and anxiety

For your emotional wellbeing, turn to friends, family members, therapists, or other members of your religion when you’re feeling overwhelmed. You may also want to consider joining a bereavement support group. The other members will remind you that you’re not alone on this journey. 


If someone in your family needs end-of-life care, turn to Advantage Home Health & Hospice. For more than half a century, this locally-owned agency has been providing compassionate care for families throughout Poteau, OK. With a 4-star rating from Certified Medicare/Medicaid Services (CMS), they always go above and beyond for their clients. To discuss your family’s hospice needs with a member of their team, call (918) 647-0653 or reach out on their website.

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