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3 Top Causes of Hearing Loss November 13, 2019

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3 Top Causes of Hearing Loss, Old Saybrook Center, Connecticut

Hearing loss affects millions of people across the globe. Defined as a decrease in the inability to perceive sounds, hearing loss describes a broad range of symptoms, extending from partial to total loss and from temporary to permanent. While there are many different causes for this condition, these are some of the most common.

What Causes Hearing Loss?

1. Age

Age is the most common cause of hearing loss, affecting approximately one in every three people between 65 and 74 years old. There's no single cause of age-related hearing loss, but rather an assortment of different factors that come from aging. Thinning of the ear canal, drier earwax, and deterioration of the sensory hair cells in the ears are some of the most frequent.

2. Noise

hearing lossAccording to the CDC, approximately 31 million Americans have developed permanent hearing loss from noise exposure. Tiny nerve fibers in the ears that respond to sound become damaged over time when exposed to loud noises such as music, power tools, and heavy machinery. A single instance of loud noise can also damage them. Once these fibers have been harmed, they do not regenerate.

3. Injury

Loss of hearing is a common side effect of traumatic brain injuries (TBI) that result from the sudden acceleration or deceleration of the head. The amount of force required to cause a concussion is enough to cause trauma to the small bones in the inner ear. Additionally, a TBI can cause damage to the area of the brain responsible for processing sound.


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