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4 Reasons Young Girls Should Learn Martial Arts November 19, 2019

Aiea, Ewa
4 Reasons Young Girls Should Learn Martial Arts, Ewa, Hawaii

Enrolling young girls in recreational sports can have a positive impact on their physical and emotional development. Aside from developing body coordination and balance, they also learn essential life skills, like problem-solving and independence. If you’d like your daughter to experience these benefits, enroll her in martial arts classes.

Why Young Girls Should Practice Martial Arts

1. Boost Confidence

Young girls will gain confidence as they regularly practice and see improvements in their stance as a fighter. They may also increase their self-esteem as they complete their martial arts programs and prepare for competitions. Entering tournaments proves that they believe in themselves and their skills and are ready to be challenged.

2. Build Social Skills

Your daughter will interactmartial arts with coaches and students of various ages and backgrounds during her training, giving her plenty of opportunities to build meaningful relationships with a wide range of people. Understanding people from different backgrounds will enable her to communicate effectively and take the right action when dealing with others. This will help her sustain friendships, learn empathy, and resolve conflicts in varied situations, whether it’s in school, at home, or in the community.

3. Support Health

Martial arts involves aerobic exercises and incorporates striking stances, evasion techniques, and quick footwork, which gives her a full-body workout. If regularly practiced, the exercise she gets through martial arts will reduce the risk of heart ailments, lower blood pressure, and increase reaction times.

4. Encourage Self-Love

Young girls will learn the importance of caring for their bodies by taking martial arts classes—the sport requires them to be mentally and physically fit. Your daughter will want to lead a healthier lifestyle, eat better, and get more sleep to keep up with her lessons and classmates. These are positive habits that will carry into adulthood.

If you want to enroll your daughter in martial arts, sign them up for classes at the Hawaii Wrestling Academy in Aiea, HI. For over 30 years, this Christian-based facility has taught kids folk- and freestyle, as well as Greco-Roman wrestling. Their USA Wrestling-certified coaches are committed to helping their students succeed, and they’ll conduct a one-on-one lesson if your little one needs additional support. View their practice schedule online, or call (808) 381-3048 to ask about enrollment.