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Top 3 Holiday Pet Dangers November 14, 2019

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Top 3 Holiday Pet Dangers, Russellville, Arkansas

Although the holidays bring plenty of joy, they also present unique dangers to pets. From tinsel to turkey bones to mistletoe, festive foods and decor pose pet care threats. As a pet owner, stay aware of each of these three dangers to keep your furry friends safe throughout the seasonal celebrations. 

3 Holiday Dangers Facing Pets

1. Decorations 

If pets chew on glass ornaments or aluminum trees, they may choke or experience lacerations from broken shards. Place trees and glass trimmings out of reach. In addition, keep tinsel, ribbon, string, and yarn far away from your cat. If swallowed, they may wrap around your cat’s tongue or damage their intestines.

2. Hazardous Food 

Most dog owners know to keep chocolate out of reach. Be especially vigilant about observing this pet care rule during the holidays when chocolate candies and desserts abound.

pet careCooks should also immediately throw out fat trimmings and bones, which can cause pancreatitis in both dogs and cats in addition to choking. Other foods that lead to illness in pets are macadamia nuts, raisins, and fruit cake. Store these treats in tightly sealed containers on high shelves, and carefully sweep the floor after you eat them. 

3. Toxic Plants

Although dogs may experience mild stomach distress after ingesting them, a cat’s kidneys may fail when exposed to Christmas lilies. Keep lilies out of your home this holiday season, especially if you have cats. In addition, hang American mistletoe instead of the European variety. It’s less toxic, but you should still hang it where pets can’t reach it. Also, holly and poinsettias may cause vomiting and diarrhea. Use them sparingly and place them out of reach.


If you need emergency pet care services, or if you want more advice on keeping your pets safe this holiday season, turn to Tanner Veterinary Clinic in Russellville, AR. For more than 50 years, pet owners have turned to this trusted veterinary hospital for a variety of services, including vaccinations, spaying and neutering, pet surgery, dental care, and microchipping. Their compassionate team is committed to excellence in pet care. Explore their services online, or call (479) 968-3535 to schedule an appointment.

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