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4 Tips for Overcoming Trust Issues November 8, 2019

Fort Worth, Tarrant
4 Tips for Overcoming Trust Issues, Fort Worth, Texas

Trust issues can take their toll on a relationship. While it can be difficult to navigate the rough waters, seeking and using techniques from therapy can be extremely helpful. Here are a few ways to work on overcoming trust issues with your partner. 

How to Manage Trust Issues in a Relationship

1. Talk Openly 

Open communication is the first step to overcoming trust issues. Talking openly gives you both a chance to understand the other person’s problems and barriers. Remember to avoid sounding accusatory and be a good listener. Once you’ve explained your grievances, let your partner answer you without interrupting them.  

2. Seek Therapy Together 

therapyTherapy is an excellent way to express your feelings in a mediated space. During a session, a therapist can give you tools and techniques to use at home to better communicate with one another. Couples counseling can help you work through difficult questions and find common ground. 

3. Work on Self-Esteem 

Having trust issues can wear your self-esteem down over time, making you feel as if you aren’t “good” enough. This is often a product of personal insecurities that has little to do with your partner. Building up your self-esteem takes patience and practice. To combat this, make a list of what you like about yourself. Display it on a bathroom mirror or another place where you can read it often. 

4. Stop Checking In 

One of the biggest stress factors in a relationship with trust issues is the need to “check-in” on your partner. Reading through text messages or checking their location constantly strips them of the chance to be honest with you. Avoid the temptation of checking their phone or social media for “evidence.” 


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