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Why You Shouldn't Feed Squirrels November 13, 2019

Cleves, Miami
Why You Shouldn't Feed Squirrels, Miami, Ohio

When a squirrel enters your yard, you might want to offer the cute, bushy-tailed animal some food. However, as any wildlife removal expert will tell you, feeding squirrels poses several serious risks. Here’s why you should never feed a wild squirrel, along with a few tips to keep these curious creatures at a safe distance.

The Dangers of Feeding Squirrels

Many people think that feeding a single squirrel won’t cause problems; after all, it’s only one animal. However, when you give food to one squirrel, other squirrels will notice and flock to your yard looking for food, which often leads to the following issues:

  • Home Invasion: Usually, squirrels that frequent your yard looking for food will eventually make their way into your home, as well as your neighbors’ homes. Squirrels particularly enjoy attics and sheds where they can stay warm during winter.
  • Parasites & Diseases: Squirrels often carry parasites such as ticks, mites, fleas, and lice that can quickly hop onto you and your pets. They also carry diseases like ringworm and tularemia, both of which they can transmit to humans.
  • Ruined Vegetation: Feeding the squirrels threatens the appearance of your and your neighbors’ yards. If you suddenly stop feeding the squirrels near your home, they’ll likely begin tearing up the vegetation throughout your neighborhood, destroying gardens, and removing bark from trees.
  • wildlife removalPhysical Injuries in Squirrels & Humans: When you feed squirrels, they’ll seek out humans, meaning they’ll come closer to predators such as dogs and cats, as well as dangerous roads. Also, if you feed squirrels by hand, they are more likely to bite and potentially spread diseases.

How to Keep Squirrels at Bay

If you enjoy watching squirrels but want to avoid the above dangers, feed them naturally and safely by planting native trees and shrubs in your yard that produce nuts and berries. If you do this, remember to seal dryer vents, repair loose shingles, and eliminate any other possible squirrel entrances to your home.

If squirrels are currently invading your yard or home, don’t trap them yourself, as you may suffer bites or contract a disease. Instead, turn to a trusted wildlife removal service. Experienced professionals will relocate the animals, keeping both you and the squirrels safe.


When you need reliable, humane wildlife removal, turn to ASAP Critter People. With more than 25 years of experience, the trusted, fully insured team serves homes and businesses throughout the Greater Cincinnati, OH, area. Their comprehensive services include squirrel removal, bat eviction, and attic clean-up. Explore all of their wildlife removal services online, and call (513) 941-0258 to schedule an appointment today. 

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