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3 Reasons for Ink Cartridge Recycling November 19, 2019

Charleston, Staten Island
3 Reasons for Ink Cartridge Recycling, Staten Island, New York

Whether at home or the office, look for new ways to go green. Many office supplies can be recycled, and you can start with your ink cartridges. Below, you’ll find important reasons to commit to ink cartridge recycling at home and in the workplace.

The Importance of Ink Cartridge Recycling

1. Reducing Landfill Overflow

ink-cartridge-recycling-staten-islandInk cartridges aren’t biodegradable, meaning that once they’re in the landfill, they’re going to stay there. Overflowing landfills severely impact surrounding environments, damaging the ecosystem and requiring the need for more landfill space—something the U.S. doesn’t have. While a single ink cartridge doesn’t seem like much of a threat, the collective waste from homes and businesses in your area adds up, so make ink cartridge recycling a priority.

2. Lowering Oil Use

Oil use is a key component in ink cartridge manufacturing. When you recycle, you’re saving about 3.5 ounces of oil for each cartridge. This goes a long way to ensuring that oil isn’t overused—an issue that can cause global prices to climb because of its scarcity. Many local printer companies provider convenient cartridge drop-off recycling services, so find a partner.

3. Saving Money

Ink cartridge recycling saves money across a number of fronts. To start, you may receive payment for each cartridge recycled, saving you money on new purchases. Since manufacturers won’t have to spend money on making more cartridges, it can also lower the market price, saving everyone money. These savings are a great motivator and can be channeled into other green efforts.


Looking to recycle cartridges? Alpha Laser Richmond is a proud ink cartridge recycling provider and serves customers throughout Staten Island, NY. Since 1993, they’ve also handled printer, PC, and copier repair and provided quality printers and office equipment, as well as supplies, which you can explore on their website. Call (718) 317-1263 to speak with a representative and connect on Facebook for news and updates.

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