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A Brief Guide to Plumbing Expansion Tanks December 6, 2019

Dalton, Whitfield
A Brief Guide to Plumbing Expansion Tanks, Dalton, Georgia

Water expands as it’s heated, which can cause problems in the closed system of home plumbing. A water regulator can control the pressure of the water as it enters the pipes, but a water heater can drive the pressure back up above optimal levels. An expansion tank gives hot, expanding water somewhere to go, taking the pressure off the pipes, fittings, and fixtures.

What You Should Know About Expansion Tanks

What is an Expansion Tank?

An expansion tank is a small device that is connected to the plumbing system. It’s designed to protect the system from overpressurization.

These tanks have a rubber membrane inside, which divides the tank in half. One side holds air that’s pressurized to a few psi higher than the plumbing system. As the fluid expands inside the water heater, it fills the other chamber, reducing the pressure on the entire system.

Why Do They Matter?

water regulatorA water regulator can keep your home plumbing system within 100 psi, but the heater can add 50 psi more to the pipes and fixtures. Without an expansion tank, this constant pressure can cause leaks, damage fixtures, and may even rupture the water heater itself, causing immense damage and even injuring residents.

How Are They Installed?

In most cases, expansion tanks are installed just before the water heater, although they can be put anywhere in the system after the water regulator. Most plumbers choose to put them right before the water heater, often connecting the tank directly to the inlet pipe of the heater.


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