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A Dental Care Guide to Holiday Foods November 22, 2019

Aiea, Ewa
A Dental Care Guide to Holiday Foods, Ewa, Hawaii

One of the joys of the holiday season is eating delicious meals together with loved ones under the same roof. However, with so many treats around, be mindful of your child’s dental care. Some of the traditional foods for Thanksgiving and Christmas can compromise their oral health. To avoid any problems, learn more about which foods are beneficial and which are harmful.

Which Holiday Foods Should Be Avoided? 

dental careSugar poses the biggest problem for your child’s dental care, especially if it’s present in anything that takes a long time to eat. For example, a child can suck on a candy cane for an hour before they finish it, which gives the sugar plenty of time to accumulate on their teeth and attract oral bacteria that create cavities.

The same applies if they sip on soda or other sugary drinks all day. Chocolate, ice cream, and cookies can usually be eaten faster, but they’re still loaded with sugar. So are taffies, caramels, and similarly chewy treats, which stick to the teeth more stubbornly than other candies.

Some foods can also chip or crack teeth, like peppermint bark, peanut brittle, and crunchy cookies. Have your child avoid those treats. Even chewing on ice cubes should be discouraged.

Which Holiday Foods Are Good to Eat? 

Fruits and vegetables are beneficial for your child’s dental care, as they’re low in sugar and can even brush off sugar as they’re being chewed. Cheese is a natural combatant against cavities, so encourage your child to eat that too.

If your child craves something sweet, give them dark chocolate, which has significantly less sugar than the milk variety.

Also, have them eat treats alongside their meals. While eating, they’ll produce plenty of saliva to wash all the food remnants away. Keep them hydrated as well so the water helps clear whatever sugar might be left. 


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