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5 Advantages of Basement Remodeling November 8, 2019

Lake Katrine, Ulster
5 Advantages of Basement Remodeling, Lake Katrine, New York

Many homeowners use their basements only for storage or as a maintenance room. However, with a few affordable materials, you can transform this space into something that brings more excitement to your daily life. If you’re considering different types of home improvement projects, here are a few reasons why you should opt for a basement cleanout and remodel.   

Reasons to Perform a Basement Cleanout & Remodel

1. Clear Clutter

Similar to an attic, basements are common collecting spots for old clothes, used electronics, seasonal decorations, and other belongings. But over time, many homeowners forget what’s stored in this space. Conducting a basement cleanout before the remodel allows you to sift through boxes and containers to determine what’s worth hanging on to and what clutter to throw away.

2. Increase Functional Space

A cleared basement can be designed to fit your needs. By putting up fresh walls, paint, flooring, and lighting during a remodel, you can create a new bedroom, entertainment room, children’s play area, office, or workshop.  

3. Improve Energy-Efficiency

Unfinished basements are some of the most common spots for energy loss. Non-insulated ceilings, exposed concrete floors, and cracks in the foundation wall can allow air to flow in and out, making it more difficult to control the indoor climate without wasting energy.

During a remodel, you can address all these weak spots—such as by adding carpeting, putting up drywall, or adding insulation—so you can save on future power bills, as well as enjoy a more comfortable living space.  

4. Prevent Water Damage

basement remodelingIt’s also common for unfinished basements to sustain water damage. When moisture passes through vulnerable spots, it can cause structural damage and ruin stored belongings. It can also contribute to hazardous mold growth. Remodeling allows you to address these problems and better shield your home from water-related issues.

5. Boost Property Value

Remodeling your basement adds usable square footage to your property. This project can increase your home’s value and boost your return on investment if you decide to sell.


Getting rid of basement clutter is one of the most difficult and cumbersome parts of a remodeling project. Fortunately, if you’re a homeowner in Ulster, Orange, and Dutchess counties, Bill’s Junk Be Gone will streamline the basement cleanout process to give you an easier experience. Using heavy-duty equipment, these professionals will carefully remove valuables and provide safe waste disposal. Once your remodel is finished, this team can provide debris cleanout services to remove construction waste. To learn more about their capabilities, visit them online. For a custom quote, call the Lake Katrine, NY, office at (845) 389-2969.

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