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A Guide to Safely Using Propane Heaters This Winter December 18, 2019

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A Guide to Safely Using Propane Heaters This Winter, Thomasville, North Carolina

Autumn is in full swing, which means the number of warm days is ticking down. Over the next few months, using a propane heater will help keep you and your family comfortable. Before you can make the most of this amenity, though, there are some safety regulations you’ll need to follow. Keep these in mind for a safe and cozy season. 

3 Winter Safety Tips for Propane Heaters

1. Be Prepared

Modern propane tanks are designed to minimize the potential of dangerous gas leaks. Nothing is completely foolproof, however, so taking the necessary precautions will help give peace of mind.

Install carbon monoxide detectors throughout your home, and be aware of any odd scents. Propane is odorless in its natural state, but a special additive causes leaks to smell like foul or rotten eggs. If you smell something strange, leave the house immediately and call a professional.

2. Watch Your Fuel Levels

propane heaterUnlike electric heaters, you won’t have an unending supply of fuel to keep your home warm. Scheduling a routine propane delivery will ensure you’re never left in the cold. To err on the side of safety, request a fill-up whenever the tank’s fuel level drops below 30%.

3. Clear a Path

A heavy snowstorm is relatively rare in North Carolina, but if one makes its way through your area, it may be difficult for the technician to reach your tank. If they feel their safety’s at risk, they’ll reschedule for another day.

To avoid these delays, keep the walkway to your tank clear. This includes shoveling snow, but you should also salt the pathway to keep it from getting icy and clear away any branches or debris that could impede their journey.


If you need help maintaining or using your propane heater this winter, contact the professionals at Comfort Tech Heating and Air Conditioning in Thomasville, NC. For almost 30 years, they’ve provided everything from installations and repairs to maintenance services day or night. Visit them online to learn more about their services, which are backed by a two-year labor warranty. Call (336) 472-5858 to request a free estimate today, and mention the website to get $20 off your service.

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