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3 Ways to Match Your Hardwood Stain & Wall Paint November 11, 2019

Mack North, Green
3 Ways to Match Your Hardwood Stain & Wall Paint, Green, Ohio

Staining hardwood floors in your new home is an excellent way to add your style and touch to the house. But how do you match the hardwood stain color to the wall paint? To create a seamless look inside your home, consider these three tips for matching the hardwood to the walls. 

How to Pair Hardwood Stains With Wall Colors

1. Stick to Neutrals

When painting the walls in rooms with hardwood flooring, neutral colors are a safe choice. Neutral wall colors such as whites, tans, or beiges can create a cohesive look throughout your home regardless of the stain color. Using a neutral color gives you the chance to play with more current colors, pillow designs, and experiment with different area rugs to give the room some life. You can also get a couch in a bold color to make the walls and flooring come together. 

2. Bring Out the Undertones 

staining-hardwood-floorsIf staining hardwood floors rather than painting walls is your forte, consider matching the undertone in the stain to the wall. Cherry stains typically go well with burgundy, dark blue, or soft shades of green. Lighter stains pair nicely with an off-white or grey colored paint, while darker hardwoods look nice with just about any lighter shade of blue. Take some time to study the color of your walls before choosing a stain that best complements the color. 

3. Consider Your Floorplan

If you’re picking out both stain and wall paint, you’ll want to consider the design of your home and the floor plan. Part of the challenge when you’re staining hardwood floors and painting walls is making sure that the colors don’t make your house feel too dark. If you have an open floorplan in your new home, go with lighter colors in both your stain and paint to give the space fluidity. If your home has rooms that are closed off from one another, you can go in either direction with your paint color and stain.


One of the best ways to give your home a new and updated look is by staining hardwood floors. If you’re looking for guidance from the experts, reach out to Old Reliable Floor Co in Cincinnati, OH. Since 1949, they have been laying down and restoring hardwood floors for clients in the area and can bring any of your hardwood floors back to life. To schedule a consultation, call them at (513) 922-5598. You can also find more information about their flooring services on their website

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