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3 Ways to Shield a Garage From Heat Loss This Winter November 7, 2019

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3 Ways to Shield a Garage From Heat Loss This Winter, Rochester, New York

During the winter, your home should provide a welcome respite from the cold weather. But while your house may offer a warm escape, your garage may not be as warm as other rooms. Despite being a part of the home, these areas often lack the design and resources necessary to prevent heat loss through the garage door and other areas—a problem that can make it hard to control indoor temperatures and increase overall heating demands. Fortunately, by following these three tips, you can help keep your garage warm and energy-efficient throughout the winter season.   

How to Prevent Heat Loss in Your Garage

1. Seal With Weatherstripping

Inspect the weatherstripping along the bottom edge of the garage door, as well as alongside any other doors or windows in the space. If any of these rubber seals are cracked or falling off, replace them. When properly installed, weatherstripping prevents cool air from entering the garage and keeps hot air from escaping.

garage doorIn addition to installing weatherstripping, caulk any other cracks along walls that may allow for energy loss. Common areas of vulnerability include door and window frames, brick walls, and electric outlets.

2. Add Insulation

Just as insulation may be found inside your home’s walls or in the attic to prevent energy loss, it can also be extremely helpful inside the garage. Spray foam, and fiberglass insulation, for instance, can be placed along the interior side of the garage door, as well as the ceiling to keep heat from escaping.

3. Replace the Door

If you have an older garage door, there’s a good chance that it may not be equipped to defend against heat loss. For a little added investment, you can replace your current door with one that’s made out of insulating materials—a surefire way to maintain energy-efficiency in your home. If you have a garage door with windows, switch to a model with complete panels, as they will do a better job of keeping cold air from entering the space.


Whether you want a garage that’s fit for the winter weather or the summer heat, Felluca Overhead Door will equip your home with a viable solution. Backed with over a century of experience in the garage door market, this Rochester, NY, company will maintain your entryway to make sure it is operable and energy-efficiency all year long. They can also install new doors if your current model isn’t providing the heat loss defense you need. To learn more about their capabilities, visit this garage door repair company online. If you’d like to schedule maintenance, repairs, or installation in Monroe County, call (585) 467-2391.

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