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Understanding Medical Liens in a Personal Injury Case November 30, 2019

Lexington, Lexington
Understanding Medical Liens in a Personal Injury Case, Lexington, South Carolina

If you’ve tried to settle your personal injury case yourself, you may be surprised to find that hospitals, health insurance companies, and the state and federal governments can claim a part of your settlement. You may be required to reimburse your health insurance provider and governmental agencies that paid for some of your medical care and treatment.  Medical liens can be complicated and expensive to deal with.  I strongly suggest you seek the services of a personal injury attorney experienced in negotiating these liens before you attempt any settlement.

What You Need to Know About Medical Liens

Different Types of Situations & Liens

You may be asked to sign a lien letter agreeing to pay for medical treatment given by a hospital or another provider out of your settlement. Keep in mind that there are very strict rules for this type of medical lien, meaning that your personal injury attorney should review anything they ask you to sign guaranteeing payment to ensure its validity BEFORE YOU SIGN ANYTHING.

personal-injury-attorneyYou also need to be aware that the Federal and State government also have a right to be repaid for Medicare and Medicaid money that was used to pay for your medical treatment if you later receive a settlement for the same treatment.

How to Handle Them

We typically intervene on behalf of our clients in negotiating and determining the correct amount of these liens.  No matter what kind of medical lien you’ve received, you should request advice and assistance from your personal injury attorney. They’ll help you negotiate and release the lien while possibly convincing the lienholder to accept less than the full amount they are claiming for your medical care.

This is done through complex back-and-forth negotiations between your attorney and the lien claimants. Choose an attorney with an extensive understanding of complicated personal injury law to make sure the case is handled properly.


Have all aspects of your personal injury case handled professionally and efficiently by relying on The Law Offices of Adrian L. Falgione, LLC in Lexington, SC. Attorney Falgione has been serving clients throughout the Midlands since 1989. This experienced personal injury attorney is dedicated to providing each case with his undivided attention and truly getting to know each one of his clients. He also has the in-depth knowledge needed to handle complicated aspects of the law, including medical liens. Schedule your first consultation today by calling (803) 957-6543 or learn more about the practice online.

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