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A Guide to the Different Types of Golf Club Grips November 12, 2019

A Guide to the Different Types of Golf Club Grips, Licking County, Ohio

If you’re just starting out in golf, there are many techniques to learn to build a strong foundation for the game. Of those, how you grip the club is one of the most vital. There are a few different varieties players use, and each one offers pros and cons. To find the right approach for your needs, consult the guide below.

3 Different Types of Golf Club Grips

1. Interlocking Grip

The most common type of golf grip is called interlocking, in which players intertwine the trailing hand’s little finger with the lead hand’s index finger. Instructors often recommend this approach for beginners, as it provides more control over your wrist and a firmer grasp on the club. However, some people find this style limits how much they can move their hands and wrists.

golf2. Overlapping Grip

If you have large hands, your instructor will likely recommend using an overlapping grip. With this style, you position the pinky finger of the trail hand between the index and middle fingers of the lead hand. Players like this variety because it gives them more power in their shots. However, if your hands aren’t large enough, it could decrease the amount of control you have in the swing.

3. Ten-Finger Grip

The ten-finger, or baseball, grip requires pressing the trailing hand’s pinky finger against the leading hand’s index finger. Then, cover the lead hand’s thumb with the lifeline of the trailing hand. Instructors advise only using this approach if you have arthritis—the loose grip makes it easy for those with joint pain to hold the club for more extended periods but also increases the chances of accidentally releasing it while swinging.


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