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5 Common Causes of Shoulder Pain November 12, 2019

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5 Common Causes of Shoulder Pain, Andalusia, Alabama

Many people deal with daily shoulder pain, an issue that can lead to distracting discomfort throughout the day, and even trouble sleeping. Before seeking professional care, determine what's causing this persistent issue and try to make lifestyle changes if necessary.

What’s Causing Your Shoulder Pain?

1. Bursitis

Joints contain fluid-filled sacs called bursae that minimize friction between the bone and muscles. Bursitis can occur when the bursae swell, creating pain typically around the rotator cuff. You may have bursitis if you frequently use your shoulder for sports or other repetitive motions.

2. Pinched Nerves

Nerves run throughout your body, sending signals through the nervous system. As a result, if they become pinched, you may experience pain in an area that is seemingly unrelated to the point of origin. For example, shoulder pain could indicate a pinched nerve in the neck that was caused by an injury, stress, or arthritis.

3. Arthritis

shoulder painMany people who are middle aged or older experience arthritis. Shoulder pain may be an indication of this condition, as joint stiffness can lead to discomfort and limited mobility.

4. Heart Attack

People often assume that heart attack symptoms always include chest discomfort. However, shoulder pain is also a potential sign that you're experiencing a cardiac episode. If you're concerned that current shoulder trouble could indicate a heart attack, head to an emergency room immediately.

5. Fractures

Older individuals may fracture their collarbones, shoulder blades, or upper arm bones in a fall. Younger people are more likely to experience these breaks because of sports injuries or bike or car accidents. No matter the cause, a fracture can lead to immense shoulder pain and may require surgery, a splint, or a cast to ensure the bones heal correctly.


If you’re concerned about shoulder pain, contact Physical Therapy of Andalusia in Covington County, AL, to set up an appointment. We’ve been in the industry for nearly 40 years, helping with recovery for neurological and musculoskeletal issues. Call (334) 222-5785 or visit our website for more information on our sports medicine rehabilitation, auto accident injury treatment, and customized pain relief plans.

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