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4 Benefits of Posting Bail Immediately November 7, 2019

Downtown Honolulu, Honolulu
4 Benefits of Posting Bail Immediately, Honolulu, Hawaii

If you’ve been charged with a crime, your priority is probably getting out of jail as quickly as possible. If bail is set, you'll need to pay it; if you don't, you may need to wait in jail until the conclusion of your case. Staying in jail can affect everything from your career to your family life. Here are a few reasons you should call a bail bondsman immediately after an arrest.

4 Reasons to Post Bail

1. Get out of Jail

Jail isn’t a comfortable place to be, and you may wait days or weeks for your trial. Prolonged periods behind bars can negatively affect mental health. If you pay bail, you'll enjoy the peace and freedom of home.

2. Continue Working

Your employer may not be able to hold your job for you if you can't work for several weeks or months because you're in jail. If you're out on bail, you can keep working and earning money. Having income will help you pay court fees or for essential legal services.

3. Take Care of Your Family

bailYou probably have family members who rely on you for financial support or daily care. Getting out on bail allows you to return home where you belong, taking care of your loved ones and making sure they’re provided for if you have to return to jail.

4. Work With an Attorney

Hiring an experienced defense attorney is the best investment you can make in a criminal case; however, being in prison limits your ability to work with them. During your time on bail, you can coordinate with your attorney and help them build their case.


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