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4 Common Cockroach Hiding Places November 7, 2019

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4 Common Cockroach Hiding Places, Bolivar, Missouri

Seeing a cockroach scuttle across the kitchen floor or anywhere else in your home indicates dirty and unsanitary conditions. The insects carry antibiotic-resistant strains of bacteria, such as salmonella, and their remains contribute to asthma, allergy flare-ups, and other health problems. If you believe you might be dealing with an infestation, review common cockroach hiding places within your home as part of your commitment to keeping the insects at bay.

Where Do Cockroaches Like To Hide In My House?

1. Cabinets

Roaches use dark cabinet corners to lay eggs and consume any food crumbs they find. Discourage the insects by keeping your cabinets crumb-free and sealing whole grains, legumes, pasta, and pet food in airtight containers. Leaving food in boxes and bags makes it easier for roaches to smell and locate.

2. Furniture

cockroaches Bolivar, MOThese unwelcome house guests hide under your furniture or within it, such as inside couch cushions. Cockroaches are drawn to furniture for the same reasons they enjoy cabinets: they’re dark, small spaces ideal for laying eggs and feasting on food crumbs and spills. Vacuum regularly, use napkins and plates every time you eat on the couch, and wash upholstered cushion covers frequently.

3. Appliances

Ovens and refrigerators provide dark hiding places and food sources, and stoves, toasters, and microwaves offer heat. Roaches will also get into garbage disposals for warmth, shelter, and food. In addition to laying eggs and spreading bacteria, cockroaches chew through appliance wiring. Clean yours routinely with a white vinegar and water mixture to prevent pest invasions.

4. Pipes

Pipes offer more dark hideout options for roaches, such as those under kitchen and bathroom sinks. Leaking pipes attract cockroaches because they provide ongoing water sources and may have mold, another food source for these pests. Check household pipes regularly for leaks and get them repaired immediately to avoid attracting pests and wasting water. 


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