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3 Types of Car Leaks & What They Mean November 21, 2019

Greenwood Heights, Brooklyn
3 Types of Car Leaks & What They Mean, Brooklyn, New York

Regardless of the situation, you shouldn’t see wet spots under your car. If you do spot a mysterious puddle, it could contain fluids seeping from the undercarriage. To identify the problem quickly so you can discuss solutions with an auto mechanic, below is a quick rundown of some of the most common types of car leaks. 

Common Leaks Motorists Should Know About

1. Engine Oil

Depending on how often your engine oil is changed, the substance can appear amber, brown, or black. The spot will look slick and leave residue on fingers that requires scrubbing to remove. Motor oil seepage is often caused by a corroded engine gasket, worn oil seals, or a leaky oil pan. An auto mechanic can determine which part needs to be replaced or whether another issue needs to be addressed.

2. Coolant

Brooklyn-New-York-auto-mechanicEthylene-glycol-based engine coolant is green, while DEX-COOL® is orange. The colorful puddle will have a slightly sweet smell and gooey texture. A blown head gasket, hole in the radiator, or crack in a hose attachment can cause coolant leaks. In addition to a puddle, you might see the coolant light on the dashboard illuminate if there is a leak, as the marker turns on when levels are low.

3. Brake Fluid

Similar to engine oil, brake fluid is also slick and a brownish hue. A brake fluid leak, however, will generally be located near the wheels or directly under the brakes. If pads or shoes and the associated rotors and drums are worn, pistons could overextend and break cylinder seals, causing leaks. When the fluid is leaking, the brake pedal might feel spongy, and you could have difficulty stopping.


If you see a suspicious spot under your car, contact the auto mechanics at L & B Auto Repair in Brooklyn, NY. Since 1992, the technicians have been the go-to source for oil changes, brake service, and additional auto maintenance and repairs in western Brooklyn. You can trust them to pinpoint the issue and find an effective solution. To schedule an appointment, call (718) 398-6228. Visit them online for a complete list of services they provide. 

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