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3 Standout Features of Log Cabins November 14, 2019

Bloomery, Hampshire
3 Standout Features of Log Cabins, Bloomery, West Virginia

Building a home helps to create a space that can meet the evolving needs of your family. To reduce your carbon footprint, consider constructing a log cabin. Using recycled wood and eliminating the use of mortar, cement, and plaster helps preserve natural resources. When discussing the project with a contractor, below are a few defining characteristics of modern log cabins. 

What Are the Most Common Features of a Log Cabin?

1. Blending Indoor & Outdoor Spaces

Modern log cabins are designed to blur the line between interiors and natural surroundings. For example, the buildings feature large windows to flood interiors with natural light and provide expansive views of the outdoors. Small porches often extend from second-floor bedrooms, and on the ground floor, accordion walls can open, so the living or dining room leads directly to the patio or porch. 

2. Central Fireplaces

log cabinWhile they were useful for warmth in traditional log cabins, fireplaces add a cozy aesthetic to modern log dwellings. Often made of brick or stone, the open-style fire is situated in the living room on the ground floor. Placing the structure in a prominent location maximizes heat distribution when you don’t want to rely on the heat pump or furnace.  

3. Prominent Eaves

Although log cabins don’t feature as much ornamentation as some other architectural styles, eaves are an exterior element that enhances the curb appeal of the structures. The roof can also feature unconventional angles and extend past the building perimeter. Lights flush with overhangs, and porch awnings showcase the floor-to-ceiling windows at night.


If you want to move your family into a comfortable, spacious log cabin in Hampshire County, WV, or the surrounding areas, trust the general contractors at Hampshire Home Builders to construct it. Based in Capon Bridge, the home builders have 30 years of experience, which makes them equipped to customize the building to your specifications. To schedule a consultation, call (304) 856-3875. Visit the construction company online to see project photos.  

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