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5 Types of Electronic Door Access Systems November 11, 2019

Elyria, Lorain
5 Types of Electronic Door Access Systems, Elyria, Ohio

Protecting your business from unauthorized access is a significant concern. The Los Angeles Police Department notes that losses from theft cost businesses billions of dollars annually and that secure locks help form an effective security plan. A commercial locksmith can help you select the type of access control system that’s smartest for your business, improving security and reducing your risk of loss. Here are some of the options to consider.

Access Systems for Your Business

1. Proximity Readers

This type of access control system is the most popular, as it’s relatively inexpensive and easy to use. Access to secured areas is granted via cards or tags that devices can read from within a few inches to a few feet away. Proximity cards can be tied to employee ID cards; if they are lost or stolen, or the employee leaves the company, the cards can be deactivated by the system administrator or a commercial locksmith.

2. Keypads

A keypad is an inexpensive electronic door solution that a commercial locksmith can install to protect a single door. Unless each person has an individual key code that can be deactivated, a single instance of someone sharing the number can compromise the entire system. However, for securing specific areas of your business, such as a supply room or IT closet where only certain staff members have authorized access, a keypad is an affordable solution.

commercial locksmith3. Biometric Systems

Although biometric access control systems are the most secure, they are also the most expensive. These systems use a fingerprint, facial recognition, or iris recognition to identify and authenticate the individual trying to gain access.

4. Wireless Entry Systems

Almost anyone who drives a car has used a wireless entry system, as the key fobs that unlock vehicles are a type of wireless entry system. With this type of access, the person who needs access must have a transmitter to send a signal to the receiver and unlock the door. Although convenient, these are rare for building access as they can be easily compromised. Also, if the battery or power source fails, the fob cannot unlock the door.

5. Intercom Systems

An intercom system requires visitors to alert someone on the other end that they need access. On the plus side, an intercom system controls access and ensures that only approved individuals can enter. On the downside, someone must monitor the system and manually unlock the door to provide access.


If you need help determining the wisest electronic access control system for your business, contact Elyria Locksmith Service, Inc. For nearly 40 years, this locally owned company has provided expert locksmith services to Lorain County, OH., including professional lock changes, repairs, and replacements. Call (440) 366-5625 for a free consultation, or go online to learn more about their services and 90-day warranty.

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