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How to Paint Without Scaring Away Buyers October 29, 2019

Chesterfield, St. Louis County
How to Paint Without Scaring Away Buyers, Chesterfield, Missouri
Selling your home can be exhausting. Finding that balance between making necessary updates to attract buyers and wasting too much time and money on a house you’re just trying to get off your hands can be difficult. Here is how to simplify one aspect of it all: paint. 

Potential buyers are looking for a clean slate they can turn into their own. Light and neutral colors are welcoming and fresh and are nothing to complain about – unlike that red living room you had to have in 2008.

Here are some tips for choosing colors

1. Think Cohesively

What separates a house from a home is flow and harmony. Every room does not need to be painted the same color but they should all unify together to create a pleasant scheme. A scheme should be composed of colors that compliment one another and that are either warm or cool tones. Below are trusted neutrals to get the creativity ball rolling.

2. Consider The Demographic 

It is no secret that different age groups have different taste and style. If you live in a starter home consider your buyer may be in the 25-35 age range and may prefer whites and grays. Homes catered to empty nesters may prefer taupes and browns. 

3. Risk Smarter 

There are tried and true accent colors. If you feel that adding a pop would add sophistication and value to your home then go for it! Try to stick to shades that are easy to incorporate with decor; such as navy, sage, charcoal and emerald.

Fun fact: Zillow did a study on the value that the color of your front door may hold. The results estimated an upwards of $1,500 added just for having a front door in varying shades of blue.

4. Assess Your Homes Style

Do you live in farmhouse style ranch? What about a two-story colonial? Loft? Historic St. Louis mansion? Don’t worry there are predetermined guidelines for every style out there. Lets put it this way, you don’t want buyers being confused upon walking inside. If you do live in a farmhouse then your walls should not be hot pink and plum. If you live in a colonial chances are the walls should not be charcoal and black. Do what makes sense.

At any given moment you are surrounded by 360 degrees of color when inside a home. Alienating potential buyers with harsh and clashing colors is no way to sell quickly! Remember, the colors aren’t just for them, they are for you too. Your house won’t sit on the market long with these tips. So grab a paint brush and a bottle of wine and get started!

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