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4 Reasons Annual Exams With a Veterinarian Are So Important November 12, 2019

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4 Reasons Annual Exams With a Veterinarian Are So Important, Buckeye Lake, Ohio

Proper pet care means providing your dog or cat with food, fresh water, and plenty of love. Responsible owners also schedule annual appointments with a trusted veterinarian for help in treating health issues as soon as possible. Wellness checks are also critical for many other reasons. Here’s why. 

Why Should I Schedule Annual Exams With My Pet’s Veterinarian?

1. Keeps Veterinarian Bills Manageable

Although cost isn’t usually a pet care consideration, routine care is a lot less costly than emergency procedures. Managing known health conditions often prevents more serious issues from developing.

2. Ensures Vaccination Currency

Pets must be vaccinated throughout their lives to remain healthy. Don’t be lax about them. Vaccinations are vital for preventing potentially fatal diseases. When you visit your vet regularly, you’re more likely to keep up with your pet’s schedule of vaccinations.

3. Addresses Nutritional Issues

veterinarianSome pets need special diets to be healthy. Perhaps your pet needs a weight-controlled diet or has a chronic condition that can be controlled by restricting their intake of iron. Veterinarians provide advice about nutrition. Some practices offer prescription foods to keep pets healthy. 

4. Enhances Happiness

Animals are less likely to express signs and symptoms of pain unless serious. A painful condition may impact your pet's quality of life without your knowledge. Your vet will get to the bottom of pain issues and provide prompt treatment to eliminate discomfort or reduce the severity of symptoms.


When searching for a veterinarian, comprehensive care is an absolute must. The residents of Buckeye Lake, Heath, Newark, Grandville, Reynoldsburg, and Pataskala, OH, have come to trust the team at PetPlex Animal Hospital for treating all patients who enter their doors as they would their own. Wellness care ensures your pet is happy and healthy throughout life. Diagnostic testing, on the other hand, allows vets to determine the cause of underlying symptoms. This animal clinic also provides grooming, boarding, and emergency care. Schedule an appointment by calling (740) 929-3300, or visit their website for a complete listing of services.

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