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3 Tips to Protect Your Trees From Ice Damage November 5, 2019

Newburgh, Orange
 3 Tips to Protect Your Trees From Ice Damage, Newburgh, New York

A row of icicles dangling from a tree branch can make your yard look like a winter wonderland. Unfortunately, ice can cause significant problems that, when unaddressed, your trees may never recover from. Managing ice is an important part of tree care, and there are several practices to adopt. Use the following to ensure your trees make it safely through the winter.

How to Prevent Ice From Damaging Your Trees

1. Prune Before Winter

tree careIce weight can be too much for some branches to handle. This is especially true for upright evergreens and birch that have a lot of narrow V-shaped branch joints. Before winter, have tree care professionals trim back and remove weak or dead branches. Ice will be less likely to accumulate, and if it does, it won’t cause as many problems. If you’re planting new trees, try to stick with strong oaks and slow-growing species that can better handle ice.

2. Wrap Small Trees

Smaller trees will have more trouble bearing ice, so wrap them when ice storms are expected. Use a tarp or a waterproof covering to wrap the tree and secure it with nylon cables. Tree stockings may be easier to use. If you have trouble getting them on, contact an arborist so you don’t damage the tree in the process.

3. Install Braces & Cables

If some trees are weak but don’t warrant pruning, tree care specialists can install cables or braces to support the branches through winter. These will prevent stressful drooping when the ice does accumulate, so that come spring, existing and new growth will flourish and grow in its natural direction.



If you need tree care services in Orange County, NY, contact 4 Seasons Tree Service. This tree contractor is backed by 20 years of experience, handling everything from tree pruning and trimming to stump and tree removal. They also provide 24/7 emergency assistance, so call (845) 565-8600. Learn more about their company online.

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