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What is Rooter Service and When to Get It November 6, 2019

Country Club, Lincoln
What is Rooter Service and When to Get It, Lincoln, Nebraska

Clogs can cause a variety of frustrating plumbing problems like stopped drains and toilets, overflows, and slow drainage. Some homeowners may attempt to fix these issues themselves, but when everyday drain-clearing products don’t work, the answer may be rooter service. Learn more about what this service entails and when it’s time to call a professional.

What to Know About Rooter Service

What Is It?

A rooter refers to a tool used by plumbers to clears blocks and clogs from drains and pipes. The most common kind of rooter service involves a plumber’s snake, which is a long cable that’s inserted into the drain until it reaches the clog and breaks it up or removes it. Most plumbers carry some type of rooter as part of their equipment to address drainage problems quickly.

rooter-serviceThe term “rooter” comes from the devices first used to address tree roots interfering with sewer lines. Early rooters used a steel cable attached to wheels to remove the roots and attendant clogs. The plumber’s snake, or auger, evolved from this device, as did newer innovations like hydro-jetting.

The goal of rooter service is to clear and clean your drains through a variety of means, but when more extensive damage is found, pipe repair or replacement is necessary.

When You Need It

While rooter service is still occasionally required to remove tree roots from sewer pipes, it’s typically used to remedy slow or clogged drains. A plumber can clear away hair, soap scum, food, grease, and objects, like toys, that accidentally get flushed down the toilet or washed down a bathtub drain. Don’t ignore clogs in your plumbing system, as this can lead to leaks, which can mean costly repairs. If you have toilet clogs, slow drains, or wastewater backing up throughout your home, it’s time to call a plumber.


For help with plumbing problems in the Lincoln, NE, area, call Taylor's Drain & Sewer Service at (402) 474-5213. This full-service plumbing business offers drain clearing, sewer system and cracked pipe repair, and leak detection. Their expert, reliable team is available for emergency service, making them the go-to plumbing specialists in the Lincoln area for over 40 years. Visit their website to see a full range of offerings.

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