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5 Tips for Finding a Knowledgeable Tailor January 9, 2020

Midtown East, Manhattan
5 Tips for Finding a Knowledgeable Tailor, Manhattan, New York

Trusting your favorite pieces or even your wedding dress with a tailor is bound to make you uneasy. Unfortunately, it isn’t always obvious how personal and precise your tailoring services will be. To ensure you choose the best person to alter your most prized items, follow this guide.

How to Choose the Best Tailor

1. Do Some Research

Great tailors may be difficult to find, but there are an abundance of resources to assist you. Ask coworkers, friends, and family members in your area who they trust with their clothing alterations. Also, look up reviews online and pay close attention to detailed comments. The best shop might not have the most feedback, but take note of businesses with overwhelmingly positive client experiences.

2. Reach Out to Tailors

Once you have a list of impressive options, it's time to reach out. Contact each business by phone or email and have questions prepared. For instance, ask what clothing or material they specialize in, and ask if they can complete your most common alteration requests. Make sure they communicate effectively and are knowledgeable.

3. Ask for Samples

tailorLike any service, it's a good idea to view a tailor's work before you hire them. Visit their shop and ask to see a few samples. Observe how the garments look, then carefully inspect their precision and the neatness of their stitching. If they have nothing to show or seem hesitant to provide examples, move on.

4. Test Their Flexibility

No matter how renowned or skilled a tailor may be, if they aren't willing to meet your needs, you'll be better off with someone else. Your tailor should listen and remember your stylistic preferences rather than pushing their own, but they should also make suggestions to suit your figure and nudge you in the right direction. See how they respond to your first request to determine if you're a good personality match.

5. Consider Availability

It's important to keep in mind that great tailoring services are going to be busy. The more popular a business is, the longer their turnaround times may be. Ask for an approximate time frame for your first alteration, and consider if the wait is worth the service. Also, see if they provide same-day alterations for emergencies.


If you’re searching for a skilled tailor in Midtown Manhattan, turn to 6 Avenue Tailor for exceptional services and expert alterations. These Midtown tailors are well-known for their attention to detail and commitment to customer satisfaction, offering rush alterations and same-day service for emergency work. Walk-ins are welcome, but you can also call (212) 593-1925 to schedule an appointment. Visit them online to learn more about their services, and check out their Yelp page to read reviews from their clients.

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