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Reduce Anxiety with Peggy Sealfon's New E-book, Escape from Anxiety April 26, 2016

Pelican Bay, Naples
Reduce Anxiety with Peggy Sealfon's New E-book, Escape from Anxiety, Naples, Florida

Do you find yourself teeming with anxiety, unable to cope with life’s everyday stresses? Personal Development coach Peggy Sealfon's best-selling book, Escape from Anxiety— Supercharge Your Life With Powerful Strategies from A to Z, has just been released in an E-book format making it even more widely accessible. It  will provide you with over 100 simple ways to dismantle stress and anxiety in your life today.


Published in paperback in June of 2015 with rave reviews, Escape from Anxiety— Supercharge Your Life with Powerful Strategies from A to Z is finally also accessible in digital formats through Amazon Kindle and Barnes & Noble's "Nook."  

The book is a compilation of bite-sized solutions cleverly organized into an A to Z format so that someone can literally open to any letter, read one recommendation, do it, and get relief. "I call these techniques 'interrupters' that literally stop the cycle of stress and allow a moment to re-set," says Peggy Sealfon.

The second part of the book shares advice on cultivating a personalized program for sustainable relief. It also provides neuroscience understandings about changing habits and shifting out of painful patterns to supercharge one’s life! 

"My intention is to give readers a toolbox of skills that will help them build an expanded perspective on their lives," notes Peggy. "I want them to know that whatever isn't working-- whether it’s about finances or relationships or health, losing a job, getting a new job--they have the power to change and flourish. My book is a life raft to float them to the next phase of their life."

Clearly this book has something for everyone to achieve an overall happier and healthier life. Get your copy of Escape from Anxiety— Supercharge Your Life with Powerful Strategies from A to Z by Peggy Sealfon— Stonewater Studio today. Both paperback and E-book versions are available for purchase through Amazon and Barnes & Noble. 

To receive an autographed copy, you can order a paperback copy from the publisher at: Shipping for autographed copies is free.  For more information, call (239) 821-2266. 

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