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3 Ways to Become a More Sustainable Small Business November 5, 2019

Russellville, Pope
3 Ways to Become a More Sustainable Small Business, Russellville, Arkansas

As consumers continue to evolve, your business should consider its impact on the environment. Small, but simple steps, like recycling, can help your business become more sustainable and provide a wealth of additional benefits. To improve your carbon footprint, consider the following three ways you can incorporate more sustainable practices into your business.

Top Steps to Create a More Sustainable Business

1. Regularly Recycle

Recycling is an incredibly easy way for your business to ease into more sustainable practices. Offices go through several recyclable goods, including printer paper, folders, and cardboard boxes. Encourage regular recycling by placing bins and signs around the office for employees to have easy access.

2. Stock Reusable Goods

recyclingIn addition to recycling, equip your office with goods that are made from repurposed products or are reusable themselves. This means opting for regular coffee mugs as opposed to throw-away varieties, as well as eco-friendly paper, files, and folders. Encourage employees to bring reusable water bottles to reduce the need for plastic bottles, or consider investing in reusable bottles with the company logo to give out to employees.

3. Strive for Paperless

While not all businesses can go completely paperless, get into the habit of scheduling meetings, sending memos, and communicating with employees through electronic methods. This means providing invites and reminders for meetings through email or virtual messaging. Additionally, opt for email receipts and bills, whether for your customers or your own business needs.


If you’re ready to take the first step to make your company greener, talk to the professionals at RTI Trash in Russellville, AR, about their recycling options for businesses. For more than 40 years, this trash company has been helping clients clean up their businesses, whether it’s a simple pick-up and compaction or recycling services. To learn more about your options with RTI Trash, visit them online or call today at (479) 890-2662.

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