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How to Prevent Pests & Diseases From Killing Your Trees November 5, 2019

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How to Prevent Pests & Diseases From Killing Your Trees, Berrett, Maryland

Strong, healthy trees not only add a lovely touch of maturity to your yard, but they also provide shade, shelter, and visual appeal. However, pest infestations and plant disease can kill trees early, creating hazards such as fallen branches. Here are a few important ways to prevent pests and plant diseases from killing your trees and how tree service professionals can help. 

Keeping Trees Healthy

Recognize Tree & Pest Issues

Plant diseases can offer subtle signs of trouble that can be mistaken for other issues, such as underwatering. For example, fire blight is a plant disease that creates dry, scorched limbs and leaves. Gall is characterized by strange growths on plant limbs that look like large, woody tumors, which many people mistake for natural additions like nests or natural plant growths indigenous to the tree. Leaf rust can appear as round orange and red spots on leaves, which can make people wonder whether or not their tree is getting enough sun during the day. 

tree servicesPest infestations tend to be easier to catch, since there may be visible signs of pest activity. Bugs, egg sacks, or bored holes in tree bark could indicate issues with pest infestations. If you spot pests, contact a tree service professional as soon as possible to have your tree sprayed to remove insects. 

Preventing Damage & Disease 

To prevent the onset of both tree disease and infestation, take good care of your trees. Regularly hiring a tree service team to carefully inspect and prune your trees can be very helpful for preventing disease. Avoid overwatering trees to prevent mold and fungal growth, and be familiar with the sunlight and watering needs of your tree, based on its specific variety. 



Working with tree service professionals is crucial anytime you have problems with your trees, so give the team at Myers Lawn Care Services a call at the first sign of trouble. With years of experience and a commitment to identifying and treating tree infestations and diseases, these professionals will help you improve the health of your yard and keep your trees beautiful. To learn more about how they can help, visit their website or call (443) 398-2960.

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