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5 Tips for Getting Your Heating System Ready for Winter December 16, 2019

Staunton, Staunton
5 Tips for Getting Your Heating System Ready for Winter, Staunton, Virginia

Nothing beats a toasty, warm home on a freezing, cold night. To ensure your house is ready for the winter season, now is the best time to have your heating system inspected and serviced. Being proactive also minimizes issues that may occur when temperatures drop into the single digits. Here are several tips for preparing your system for the icy and snowy weather.

How to Prepare Your Heating System for Winter

1. Change Old Filters

Dirty air filters in your heating system make it difficult for your system to provide even and proper air distribution. Using them also makes the components work harder than needed, which can increase your monthly heating costs. Take the time to replace old filters with ones recommended by your system’s manufacturer. Change filters at least once a month during the winter season. 

2. Schedule a Professional Inspection

heating systemsBeat the crowd by arranging for an inspection by a professional HVAC contractor. The best ones will conduct a thorough check that includes cleaning the heating system’s motor and heat exchanger. Both of these parts need to work properly to keep debris carbon monoxide away. The contractor will also check the igniter switch on a furnace to make sure it’s working. 

3. Caulk Around Windows & Doors

Keep cold air from entering your home by sealing gaps around doors and windows. Use a powerful caulk or weather stripping to fill in any cracks. This important preparation step not only prevents unwanted winter air from infiltrating, it keeps warm air inside your home. Your heating system won’t have to work harder to maintain a comfortable environment.

4. Adjust the Thermostat

Make sure you switch your thermostat from cooling to heating. Turn the temperature up a few degrees to confirm that the system is producing heat. If you’re not feeling warm air after a minute or so, there could be issues with the wiring, heat pump or fan. Contact a professional HVAC contractor to arrange an inspection and any needed repairs. 

5. Remove Obstacles From Heating Vents

Blocked air vents can stop air from getting to larger spaces. Move furniture and other items that may be sitting directly in front of them. Doing so will also reduce the chances of a fire hazard. If vents are dirty, wipe them down to remove dust, hair, and other debris. 



For nearly 35 years, Dave’s Cooling, Heating, & Plumbing has been the HVAC contractor home and business owners turn to for quality and affordable service. Based in Staunton, VA, the family-owned company has a team of professional technicians with extensive experience working on a wide range of heating systems. Make sure yours is ready for the winter season by calling (540) 942-4357 to schedule an inspection. Visit the website for details on services and military and senior citizen discounts. 

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