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Your Birthstone According to Your Astrological Sign November 20, 2019

Nyack, Rockland County
Your Birthstone According to Your Astrological Sign, Nyack, New York

Many jewelry collectors invest in birthstone pieces not only for their beauty, but also because of the meanings behind them. Each stone is associated with a different period of the year, allowing you to find the jewel that matches your star sign.

Why Are Certain Gems Associated With Astrology?

For centuries, gems have symbolized particular meanings and virtues. Zodiac birthstone lists were also allegedly part of the ancient Tibetan and Ayurvedic traditions.

For someone who likes astrology, this type of jewelry can act as a lucky charm. For someone who doesn’t, it may simply be a thoughtful, customized gift.

What Is Your Birthstone, According to Astrology? 

After discovering your sun sign based on your birth date, use the chart below to find out what your birthstones are and why.

  • Aquarius: garnet, jasper, and amethyst. Amethyst is said to help stabilize an Aquarian's tendency to be reserved or impulsive. 

  • Pisces: aquamarine, turquoise, and ruby. Aquamarine can purportedly help subdue a Piscean's emotional sensitivity and help solve communication issues.

  • jewelryAries: bloodstone, topaz, and diamond. Known as the hardest mineral on Earth, the diamond is believed to bring positive energy and improve clarity among Rams who tend to be moody.

  • Taurus: sapphire, rose quartz, and emerald. Emerald purportedly supports a person's quest for love and knowledge—both of which Taureans hold dear. 

  • Gemini: agate, tiger's eye, and pearl. The pearl is believed to represent a Gemini's duality. Wearing this gem is said to help them display their best qualities and develop stronger relationships.

  • Cancer: ruby, moonstone, and amber. Ruby is believed to give Cancerians more confidence.

  • Leo: onyx, ruby, and peridot. Believed to be a stone used for ancient amulets, peridot purportedly gives a Leo good luck while reinforcing their spirit.

  • Virgo: carnelian, citrine, and blue sapphire. Astrologists believe that the sapphire encourages inner peace and positivity in a Virgo. 

  • Libra: opal, lapis lazuli, and peridot. Opal can help a Libran make confident choices—an invaluable skill for a sign known for being indecisive. 

  • Scorpio: topaz, agate, and obsidian. Topaz can provide the Scorpio with clarity and tranquility when they feel sensitive or emotional. It's also believed to enhance their creativity and focus.

  • Sagittarius: turquoise, blue topaz, and beryl. Turquoise symbolizes friendship and strong relationships. This stone may help provide mental and spiritual clarity to curious Sagittarians.

  • Capricorn: garnet, ruby, and black onyx. Garnet can make the zodiac’s mountain goats appear more approachable and friendly.

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