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4 Reasons to Add a Garage to Your Property November 12, 2019

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4 Reasons to Add a Garage to Your Property, Bayfield, Wisconsin

Homeowners who are looking for a way to improve their property should consider land clearing to add a garage. Building a detached one has many benefits. Here are four reasons to make one for your family.

Why Should You Install a Garage?

1. Storage

Most families install garages because they need storage space for outdoor gear. These buildings are the perfect places to house everything from soccer balls and hockey sticks to hula hoops and all-terrain vehicles. Consider adding wall-mounted fishing rod holders to keep everything organized and untangled. Add cabinetry around a gun safe for a personalized storage solution for ammunition and hunting items. 

2. Protect Your Vehicles

Adding a garage in the Midwest will protect your cars from inclement weather. It’ll be easier to get vehicles to start in the cold because it’s warmer inside away from the wind. Also, you can further benefit from this asset by heating the garage to keep your vehicle frost-free all winter. Plus, you won’t have to shovel snow off the automobile before leaving.

3. Increase Property Value

land clearing Bayfield WIInstalling a garage adds additional square footage to a home, often improving property value. Reap the full benefits of land clearing and building a garage by using weather-resistant, durable materials like steel. This is a popular metal in the Midwest because it can withstand high winds and heavy snow. 

4. Creating Additional Living Space

Many homeowners use part of their garage for living space. Some create a second-floor suite with a mini kitchen, bedroom, and closet. This detached space is the perfect place for guests or to make some money by hosting travelers from a home-sharing website. Other people create a woodshop, place to work on cars, or mini sports bar for loved ones to gather to watch football games.


Home owners interested in land clearing should contact C & W Trucking in Bayfield County, WI. The expert contractors have been offering excavation and haul-away services since 1968. Call the reliable company at (715) 779-5628 for a free estimate on their land clearing services and available heavy machinery and equipment. Visit them online to learn more about their services.

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