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Parents of Teens! October 25, 2019

Elk River, Sherburne
Parents of Teens!, Elk River, Minnesota

I’m assuming that you survived “Back to School” and you are settling in.

I would like to tell you about the benefits of our teen CrossFit program.  CrossFit isn’t just fitness.  Our teens work out in our regular adult classes.  There are many benefits to be gained such as;

  • Learning to work...hard
  • Gaining confidence
  • Gaining self-respect
  • Being part of a positive and ethical community
  • Being surrounded by highly motivated and successful individuals
  • Learning to make goals and do the necessary work to attain them
  • Creating a strong work ethic
  • Being part of something that could change their lives in innumerable positive ways
  • oh ya, and they will get in shape :)

The Teen program includes 3 classes/week and there are 26 classes/week to choose from.  Teens are discounted 30% to $108.50/ month.  You are billed monthly with no contracts or BS.

Give us a chance to prove what we can do for your child :)

Sign up here  or call 763 777-9032 for more information.

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