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Children's Dentist Identifies 4 Signs of Gingivitis in Kids to Watch for November 4, 2019

Pearl City, Ewa
Children's Dentist Identifies 4 Signs of Gingivitis in Kids to Watch for, Ewa, Hawaii

Proper dental care by a children's dentist not only preserves your child’s tooth enamel, but it also ensures healthy gums. When dental care is lacking, or other issues occur, gingivitis can develop. Knowing how to identify gum disease, especially in its early stages, will help you get timely pediatric dental treatment for your child. 

How to Tell If Your Child Has Gingivitis

1. Bad Breath That Won’t Go Away

Plaque and bacteria can sometimes become trapped under the gum tissue, where it can be much harder to remove. As a result, kids with gum disease may have chronic bad breath, even after brushing and rinsing with mouthwash. 

2. Red & Swollen Gums

dental careYou can also identify gingivitis by the appearance of the gums. Healthy gums appear a light pink color and fit tightly around the teeth. When gum disease is present, gums will appear red and swollen, especially around the teeth. 

3. Bleeding When Brushing or Flossing 

A spot of blood in the sink after dental care is a clear sign of gingivitis. No amount of bleeding, even when it’s minimal, is a normal part of taking care of your teeth. Bleeding occurs when already damaged gums come into contact with toothbrush bristles or dental floss. 

4. Gum Recession

If gum disease is left unaddressed, the gum tissue will eventually pull away from tooth enamel. Gum recession can cause increased sensitivity, especially when eating or drinking hot or cold items. It can also lead to tooth decay, as food particles may become trapped under the gums. 


Childhood gingivitis can be easily addressed with the right dental care. Paul K. Seo, D.D.S., M.S and the rest of the team at Dentistry For Kids in Pearl City, HI, provide kind and compassionate pediatric dental service to children across Oahu. Whether you’re scheduling your child’s first dental exam or need assistance dealing with cavities, this team approaches every issue with a pleasant, child-friendly demeanor. Schedule an appointment today by calling (808) 486-8881, or prepare for your child’s first appointment by visiting their website

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