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For your all-in-one spa destination, The Fountain Spa is the place for you. The Fountain Spa in Hackensack, New Jersey offers a wide range of spa services. Whether you are looking for a full body massage or a stylish manicure and pedicure, we can offer you wonderful service at a great price.

Do’s & Don’ts of Avoiding Dry Skin in the Cold Weather January 28, 2020

Hackensack, Bergen County
Do’s & Don’ts of Avoiding Dry Skin in the Cold Weather, Hackensack, New Jersey

When brisk, cold air combines with low humidity, you have a recipe for dry skin. This may be even worse for people who already have dry skin naturally. To help you avoid this, here are a few skin care tips to follow to care for your body when the temperatures dip. 



During the colder months, skin cells may die and create excessive dryness on your hands, feet, and elbows. Use an exfoliating product to gently get rid of these dead cells weekly. You can also correct flaky skin with hydrating facials. After this type of treatment, it’s essential to follow up with moisturizers to replenish your skin.

Apply moisturizer daily.

skin careNow is the time to maintain daily and nightly routines of moisturizer applications. To best seal in moisture, slather up right after getting out of the shower.

Choose a skin care product that is oil-based for maximum moisture retention. Avoid those with alcohol, which can increase dryness.  


Use drying products.

Stay away from harsh laundry detergents, which are notorious for drying out the skin. Consider switching to eco-friendly and more natural products with fewer abrasive chemicals.

As possible, avoid scarves, gloves, and clothing composed of itchy materials, including wool. If you scratch at dry skin, it could cause irritation. Instead, opt for breathable fabrics like cotton.

Forget to wear protective gear when outside.

Scarves and gloves not only keep you warm, but also provide protection against dry skin. When your skin is covered, there is a barrier against bitter winds that could cause dryness. Don’t forget to also apply sunscreen on the face, as the sun leads to drying and wrinkles.


The Fountain Spa in Ramsey, NJ, is your trusted source for combating skin care issues during the fall and winter. Serving all of Bergen, Passaic, Rockland, and Hudson counties, this luxurious day spa offers a variety of moisturizing treatments designed to protect and hydrate your skin. They understand that no two clients are alike and will offer options tailored to your unique needs. Learn more about their exfoliating and hydrating facials online or call (201) 327-5155 to schedule an appointment. 

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