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How to Prevent a Tire Blowout November 6, 2019

Chillicothe, Ross
How to Prevent a Tire Blowout, Chillicothe, Ohio

All vehicle owners must maintain their cars to ensure they are safe to drive. That means performing regular tire maintenance to prevent popping the tires. Here are five pieces of advice to mitigate the risk of a blowout.

5 Tips to Avoid Blowouts

1. Check the Treads

As the tires wear down, they lose treads, which means they are thinner and more vulnerable to popping. Check the treads by placing a penny into the deepest part of the wheel with Abraham Lincoln’s head facing the center of the wheel. If you can see all of his head, the treads are too thin, and you need replacements.

2. Rotate Your Wheels

Rotating the wheels plays a critical role in ensuring that the tires wear evenly. This maintenance task prolongs the life of the wheels by preventing them from growing thin due to repeated traffic patterns. Most companies recommend rotating the wheels every 6,000 to 8,000 miles for optimal traction, but check your owner’s manual for specific instructions.

3. Inflate Properly

tiresLook at the edge of one of your car tires or the inside door jamb to find the recommended pounds per square inch (PSI) measurement for air pressure. Always follow this suggestion as it will promote optimal performance. Underinflation can put too much pressure on the sidewalls, causing it to flex and fail. Check your pressure once a month, and before significant road trips, to ensure you’re within the range.

4. Avoid Heavy Loads

Every vehicle manual features a recommended maximum weight that it should carry. Exceeding that limit creates too much stress, damaging the tires and potentially popping them.

5. Upgrade Tires

Replace vehicle tires every five to six years. If you drive more often than a regular commute, consider replacing them more frequently as they will have more wear than average.


Vehicle owners should purchase new tires if their current set is showing wear. Head to Davis Tire in Ross County, OH, for repairs or to get an oil change, wheel alignment, or brake services. Call the Chillicothe-area company at (740) 774-3363 or visit the website for information on their wide range of available products. 

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