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4 Signs Your Computer Monitor Is Burning Out November 22, 2019

Brighton, Monroe
4 Signs Your Computer Monitor Is Burning Out, Brighton, New York

When you use your computer, you rely on your monitor to clearly display text, images, and videos. If your monitor is damaged, aging, or experiencing other issues, it will lose its crispness and clarity. Here are four signs you should contact a computer repair expert to save your monitor before it burns out.

Protecting Your Computer Monitor

1. Flickering 

Though flickering may not necessarily mean serious trouble, it sometimes indicates the end of the monitor’s lifespan. If you still notice a flickering display, even after making sure the video cable is plugged in and trying the monitor on a different computer, you’ll likely need to replace the monitor.  

2. Blurry Display 

computer repairIf the display on your computer monitor appears blurry or fuzzy, try adjusting the resolution settings to correct it. If the problem persists, even after trying the monitor on another computer, consult a professional tech team and find out whether it’s worth repairing or replacing. 

3. Unusual Colors

When computer monitors start to burn out, they may begin to render colors incorrectly. You might also observe lines or shapes running across the screen. If the problem is not the video card or cable, you’ll likely need computer repairs to restore the monitor. 

4. Delayed Startup 

It shouldn’t take more than a second or two for your monitor to illuminate. If it starts taking longer than a minute to display text and images, go ahead and hire a professional company to replace the LCD screen. 



If you need monitor or computer repairs, get in touch with the team at Microworx. Since 1994, they have provided custom-built computers, data recovery, virus removal, and laptop repairs to clients throughout Rochester, NY. Call (585) 271-0050 to get a quote on computer repairs and book an appointment. Visit them online to learn more about purpose-built PCs and mobile computer services. 

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