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3 Tips for Driving Long Distances November 5, 2019

Lynne, Oneida
3 Tips for Driving Long Distances, Lynne, Wisconsin

Whether it’s an impromptu road trip, a planned vacation, or an out-of-town business meeting, there are many times where you may need to travel long distances. Sometimes the journey can be tough, so before you get fuel and head out, make sure you know how to make the trip easier.

Aspects to Remember When Traveling Long Distances

1. Get Plenty of Rest

Driving is a deceptively taxing activity to do, especially for hours at a time. Because you’re required to maintain constant focus, it is easy to become exhausted if you don’t rest well beforehand. This is often hard to do, because you’re packing and planning items in the days before you leave.

Try shifting your planning and packing back a bit. This lets you unwind and gear down the day before, and allows you to get to bed earlier. Not only will your trip be more pleasant, but you’ll drive safer as a result.

2. Know Your Route & Have a Backup One

gasWhen you are planning a trip, make sure you have the directions before you get on the road. This helps you save fuel, prevents unnecessary wear on your car, and gets you to your destination faster. Don’t just rely on your phone—print directions just in case you lose the carrier’s signal and bring a traditional road map.

You should also have a backup route planned in case your main path is blocked or facing heavy congestion. 

3. Plan Stops for Fuel & Food

When you’ve been on the road for hours at a time, it is easy to get irritable or even sore. Being in the same position at a heightened sense of alertness for so long isn’t good for you, so take breaks ever 3-4 hours.

Stop to get fuel, check your car, buy snacks, stretch your legs, and use the restroom. Not only will this help your body and your car in good condition, but it will help refresh your mind, which allows you to continue being alert when you’re back behind the wheel.


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