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How a New Roof Can Increase a Home's Value November 6, 2019

Bayfield, La Plata
How a New Roof Can Increase a Home's Value, Bayfield, Colorado

Thinking about selling your home? Before a transaction can be completed, any interested buyer will want to review the results of the home inspection—which will examine key features of the house, such as the electrical work and plumbing. It will also pay close attention to structural elements, like the roof. If you know that yours is nearing the end of its life span—either due to age or to weather-related damage—it is worth arranging for a roof replacement before listing. The guide below explains some of the benefits of this fix.

3 Ways a Roof Replacement Can Help You Sell Your House

1. Improved Curb Appeal

Curb appeal plays an important role in drawing in buyers. This includes maintenance tasks like mowing the lawn and sweeping the porch, but also extends to making sure that the roof doesn’t look worryingly faded or damaged.

When choosing a roof replacement, keep the potential next owner of the house in mind. Pick a color and style that matches the property’s existing architecture and stands out against neighborhood homes without clashing too much.

2. Proactive Problem Solving

roof replacementIn addition to looking better, homebuyers will feel more confident purchasing a house they know has recently had a new roof—since it takes a burden off their shoulders. It conveys the idea that the rest of the house is also well taken care of. It can also help speed up closing the deal since many people would make their purchase contingent on roof repairs or a replacement anyway.

3. Increased Resale Value

A new roof is more than just a preference for potential buyers, it’s a potential moneymaker for you. In fact, according to a recent survey, it can increase your home’s value by over $11,000. That money can help you offset moving costs or be invested in your new home.

Furthermore, if it takes your home several months to sell, addressing roof issues will stop you from having to pay for associated damages. For example, damaged shingles are likely to be breached by pests; by getting the shingles replaced, you reduce this risk and the expense of animal control.

If you’re looking to sell your home and are in need of a roof replacement, look no further than AMCAT Roofing in Durango, CO. This reputable company offers general contracting and roof repair services to clients across Albuquerque, Durango, and Aztec. To schedule your free estimate, give them a call today at (970) 799-6759. Learn more about their services online.

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