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4 Ways to Personalize an Apartment Rental November 1, 2019

Conway East, Horry
4 Ways to Personalize an Apartment Rental, Conway East, South Carolina

Signing the lease on an apartment rental is one of the most popular living arrangements. However, most contracts forbid certain adjustments to the place, which means you have limited space for modifications. Luckily, there are a few tricks you can utilize to make your rental feel more like home. Give the tips below a try to see just how much you can truly customize your apartment. 

The Best Tips for Customizing an Apartment Rental

1. Walls

The paint color in your apartment plays a big role in setting the tone for the entire space. If you find the color in your rental is too bland, you can paint a piece of furniture. This will make the space more vibrant without requiring changes to the walls. If you really want to breathe life into the room, you can utilize non-permanent options like stick-on wallpaper and tapestries.

2. Kitchen Space

Many people consider the kitchen the heart of the home. However, if the one in your apartment rental isn’t up to par, there are easy ways to increase the usable space. Invest in a rolling kitchen cart to add storage or create a makeshift island using movable furniture. 

3. Flooring

apartment rentalIf the flooring in your apartment feels outdated, worn out, or simply not your taste, there are ways to rectify the situation. Large area rugs or removable floor tiles offer a simple solution for customizing a space without breaking the conditions of your lease.

4. Windows 

With winter on its way, proper insulation in your rental is a must-have. If you find the current windows don’t do enough to mitigate heat loss, purchase a set of insulated curtains. This will help keep your apartment more comfortable and minimize your heating bills.


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