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What to Do With Leftover Lumber December 2, 2019

Port Jervis, Orange
What to Do With Leftover Lumber, Port Jervis, New York

If you’ve recently finished a renovation project, you might have a lot of scrap wood or leftover pieces of lumber lying around. There are multiple projects you can complete with your excess material, allowing you to improve your home’s curb appeal and save money. Before taking it to the dump, consider the following ideas for using up that excess wood.

5 Projects to Create With Extra Lumber

1. Make a Garden Path

A few leftover pallets can be used to create a useful and aesthetically pleasing pathway through a damp part of the yard or garden. A path can add visual interest between lawn and flowerbed areas. Dig down to the depth of the boards and the desired length of the path and put the boards into place. Finish with a weather-resistant stain or polyurethane.

2. Build Some Bookshelves

With just a few pieces of nice lumber, you can make a simple bookshelf that is either freestanding or affixed to a wall. Or, if the scraps are too small, get creative about crafting bookends in the shape of books, birds, or whatever matches your home’s design.  

3. Decorate a Wall

You can make a feature wall out of leftover lumber or even wood flooring or pallets. Paint the wood for a patchwork effect or install it over the existing drywall. You are essentially making wood paneling from scratch, creating visual interest, and increasing your home’s unique value. 

4. Make a Birdhouse

lumberBirdhouses and feeders can take any shape and can be as simple as a wooden platform on a post or as intricate as a miniature house with a covered area for a nest. Consider adding a roof to whatever structure you make so you can protect seeds or nests from the elements. Use paint or stencils to decorate your creation. 

5. Create Planks for Planters

Another great project for small lumber scraps or for wood flooring pieces is a planter. Use different styles or widths to make the container visually interesting, or go for a rustic look with a few similar wide boards. You can also paint the wood when it’s finished to go with a particular decor scheme. Unless you plan to protect the project inside, opt for placing individual plants in pots within the planter, as wood exposed to moisture will rot over time. 


Don’t throw away leftover lumber⁠—get crafty instead. If you need tools for small projects or lumber for a new one, head to Berthiaume's Neversink Lumber Co, in Port Jervis, NY. This local True Value hardware store has been serving the needs of homeowners for over 60 years, and their friendly, experienced staff can help you stock up for any type of project. Call (845) 856-5161 for an inventory check or visit their Facebook page to see special announcements and deals.

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