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Social Media Guidelines When Filing for Divorce November 15, 2019

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Social Media Guidelines When Filing for Divorce, Ava, Missouri

For many people, social media is a regular part of everyday life. While social media platforms offer easy ways to connect, share, and stay informed, they also pose potential risks. One of those risks involves divorcing couples, whose social media usage could affect the legal proceedings. Below are a few social media guidelines that divorce attorneys recommend following until the end of the proceedings.


It is tempting to vent on social media about the frustrations of marriage or the shortcomings of a spouse. However, anything you post could be used against you in a legal proceeding, including a divorce. Potentially harmful posts include confessions of infidelity or signs of an extramarital affair, such as posting pictures with another partner; disclosing sensitive financial information, such as how much a lavish luxury item cost; and location check-ins or images from places that contradict your claims. If you suspect divorce is a possibility soon, keep social media posts as general and vague as possible.


divorce attorneyA divorce is a private matter, best kept within the immediate family. They are not issues to hash out in public arenas like social media. Don't post the details of the split and the accusations going back and forth. Don't engage with your soon-to-be-ex in social media fights; leave the disagreements to your divorce attorneys. Never post disparaging comments about the courts, court officials, or divorce attorneys involved in the case; if these parties see what you've written, it could affect the outcome of your case.


Once you receive the divorce decree, there are fewer restrictions on social media use. However, if you have children with your ex, always exercise caution to ensure the safety and best interests of the children remain a priority. Even after the finalization of the split, be mindful of the image you're portraying as a parent. Courts can amend custody orders, and if one spouse's social media account reflects their unsuitability as a parent, they could find their relationship with their children significantly altered.


Always practice restraint with social media at every stage of divorce and afterward. When you need assistance navigating the legal details of a split, trust The Law Office of Christopher J. Swatosh, LLC. This attorney has more than 20 years' experience serving the Douglas County, MO, region. He offers representation as a personal injury, bankruptcy, criminal defense, and divorce attorney. Call (417) 683-2987 to schedule a consultation.

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