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What Is Nutritional IV Therapy? November 18, 2019

Westbury, North Hempstead
What Is Nutritional IV Therapy?, North Hempstead, New York

Your body requires a constant supply of nutrients to support organ function, healthy skin, eyesight, performance, and overall health. It’s not always easy to get these through food, and other issues, like medication, can lead to deficiencies. Many people turn to nutritional IV therapy to overcome this. Whether it’s to boost your immune system or treat conditions like cancer and COPD, it may be the perfect addition to your health care regimen.

Understanding Nutritional IV Therapy

What Is It?

Nutritional IV therapy is a method of delivering concentrated nutrients to the body. Core nutrients like vitamin C, B vitamins, magnesium, and calcium are delivered directly to the bloodstream intravenously. This ensures superior absorption and can be used to address anything from immune system health to jet lag to dehydration.

What Are the Benefits?

immune systemWhen you consume vitamins and minerals orally via supplements or food, the concentration is reduced as they’re broken down in the digestive tract. Nutritional IV therapy ensures superior absorption since high concentrations are pumped into the bloodstream. This circumvents many other factors that can reduce absorption efficacy, including age, health conditions, genetics, and metabolism. Cells can then better utilize the nutrients to keep you healthy and combat illnesses.

Most people are candidates for IV therapy. It can be used casually to rehydrate after sports or to cure a hangover. In clinical settings, it can be used when conditions, such as cancer, make it difficult for a person to eat and consume essential nutrients. Boosting immune system health is a primary goal, and it may help better treat illnesses in some people.



If you’re interested in exploring IV therapy, contact Integrative Medicine of New York, PLLC, in Westbury, NY. Serving Long Island, this practice treats an array of conditions, including autoimmune diseases, cancer, and AIDS. By boosting immune system health, they focus on helping patients better manage their symptoms. Call (516) 759-4200 to schedule a consultation and visit their website to learn more about their services.

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