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3 Ways to Make Your Home More Secure October 31, 2019

Kenai, Kenai Peninsula
3 Ways to Make Your Home More Secure, Kenai, Alaska

Safety and security are always top concerns for home owners. Even if you haven’t experienced a break-in, there’s no harm in taking extra precautions. Here’s a guide to useful tactics that will make your dwelling safer, ranging from getting in touch with a fence contractor to removing thief-friendly amenities from the property. 

How to Make Your House Safer

1. Remove Easily Accessible Spare Keys

A big pitfall of home security is hiding a spare key under a rock or the doormat next to your home’s entrance. While it’s convenient if you happen to forget your key, you’re also providing a potential robber with direct access to your house. The best practice is to entrust a spare key to a neighbor or hide it in a less obvious spot somewhere in the backyard. 

2. Consider Smart Outdoor Lighting

fence contractorMany burglaries tend to happen when residents are away from home, like on vacation. However, there is a way to imply that you’re at your house even if you’re thousands of miles away. By installing smart exterior lighting, you can turn it on each night for an hour or so to maintain the illusion that the house isn’t empty. That activity should greatly diminish the attractiveness of trying to burglarize your home. 

3. Add a Fence

One of the older ways of keeping your home fortified is still one of the best. Working with a fence contractor to build a barrier will create an instant deterrent for burglars. It will also prevent the possibility of interlopers wandering across your property and getting near the house. When criminals see a fence, it’s a cue that they are entering protected space, and there may be even more security measures. Moreover, it helps block the sightline, making it harder to case the home. 


When you’re looking to upgrade the security of your home, get in touch with a fence contractor. Four Seasons Fence Co LLC in Kenai, AK, has been serving the community for over 15 years, and these professionals install fences designed for high security. To request a free estimate, call (907) 776-5228. Learn more about the company by visiting their website

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