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Business Schools Rave Over The Public Speaking Workshops From Embodied Minds: Public Speaking Consultants September 30, 2015

Murray Hill, Manhattan
Business Schools Rave Over The Public Speaking Workshops From Embodied Minds: Public Speaking Consultants, Manhattan, New York

With a strong grounding in Drama Therapy in the Creative Arts Therapies, the accomplished speech coaches at New York's Embodied Minds: Public Speaking Consultants offer an innovative approach to helping people overcome one of the most widespread fears: public speaking. Founders Leticia Warner and Shira Hon-Lahav have developed a reputation for their revolutionary speech coaching methods, which are proven to unleash your creativity and make you a more comfortable, engaging, and effective public speaker.

Damian B. who was formerly the President of the NYU Stern School of Business public speaking club, invited Embodied Minds: Public Speaking Consultants to conduct public speaking workshops for its members two years in a row. “Participants in these workshops are noticeably more engaged and enthusiastic” than in other workshops, he notes. He says “exercises are fun and relatable” with “feedback that is concise and immediately actionable….I highly recommend their service to anyone who is interested in implementing practical improvements to their public speaking skills.”

Eli Z., Former Head of the Public Speaking Association at Columbia Business School, has also turned to Embodied Minds: Public Speaking Consultants to benefit his group's members. The business graduates in his group truly enjoyed the activities, which allowed them to put the lessons into immediate practice. “In my role,” he says, “I have had the opportunity to participate and review many workshops, and I can say with confidence that Embodied Minds cracked the code for an engaging and entertaining method of delivering essential lessons in public speaking.”

After attending business school, graduates can expect job positions where presenting ideas to both clients and coworkers is the norm. If you don't feel inspired by your own words, how can you expect others to be on board with your ideas? With the empowering workshops offered by Embodied Minds, graduates will feel comfortable giving presentations and clearly articulating their ideas, which can have an enormously positive impact on their overall careers. 

Are you ready to conquer your public speaking fears and inspire others? If so, visit Embodied Minds: Public Speaking Consultants online now to learn more about their revolutionary methods, or call (646) 688-2996 to schedule a consultation.