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3 Factors That Lead to Wrinkles October 31, 2019

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3 Factors That Lead to Wrinkles, Penfield, New York

Wrinkles are creases or lines on the skin. They develop over time, and depending on a person’s lifestyle, may appear at a young age. Genetics play a large part in their development, but a few habits may also speed up this natural process. If you’re seeking wrinkle reduction treatments, you may wonder how they formed in the first place. To help you prevent more from occurring, here are a few of the most common factors that lead to them.

How Do Wrinkles Form on the Skin?

1. Sun Exposure

Wrinkle ReductionUltraviolet (UV) radiation is primarily received from the sun and tanning booths, causing premature wrinkling of the skin. In a process known as photoaging, exposure dries out the skin, leading to a coarser texture.

With prolonged exposure, UV rays also break down the elasticity and collagen of the skin. As their levels decrease, the skin loses its plumpness and becomes weaker.

2. Smoking

The nicotine and chemicals present in cigarettes prevent oxygen from entering the blood cells. This prevents your skin from “breathing” properly, causing it to dry out and develop wrinkles. A person who smokes many cigarettes a day and for an extended period will develop more wrinkles than someone who smokes occasionally.

3. Age

The natural aging process reduces the fat content in the body, as well as its natural oils. After adolescence, you also start producing less collagen every year, which deflates the appearance skin. As it becomes thinner and less elastic, it’s more prone to wrinkling and sagging. 


If you’re looking for wrinkle reduction, turn to the professionals at Larijames Salon & Spa in Webster, NY. They have provided skin care treatments since 1982, helping you achieve a youthful, beautiful look. They offer innovative wrinkle reduction through freezing and hydrating facials. They also provide professional hair care, massages, makeup, and manicures. Learn more about their freezing service for tackling wrinkles online or call (585)-671-5140 to schedule an appointment.

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