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Do's & Don'ts of Taking Kids to a Restaurant December 12, 2019

East New York, Brooklyn
Do's & Don'ts of Taking Kids to a Restaurant, Brooklyn, New York

Going out to a restaurant can be a fun family bonding experience that's perfect for celebrating a special occasion or just for spending quality time together. To make it a success, you need to consider the needs of your kids, who might not have the same patience and self-control as adults. To make the experience smoother and more enjoyable for the whole family, try the following tips.


Choose the restaurant carefully.

Not every restaurant has food your kids will eat. Think about what your child enjoys and doesn't like, and pick a restaurant that will be loved by the whole family. American food is a safe choice since they usually have many different options like burgers, chicken, and fries.

Bring entertainment.

Sitting still in one place is hard for kids, and the wait for food to be served will seem a lot longer to them than to you. To keep your kid happy and calm, bring something for them to do. This could be an activity book with crayons or games you can play as a family. Don't bring anything noisy that might annoy other customers or toys with a lot of parts that can make a mess or get lost.


Eat too early or late.

Getting your kid to eat their dinner is a struggle if they aren't hungry yet, even if they love the food at this restaurant. On the other hand, if you leave for the restaurant too late, they might be grouchy. Plan to sit down at the restaurant half an hour or so before your kids' usual mealtime, so the food will arrive when they're ready to eat.

Forget about the appetizers.

RestaurantThe sooner food gets to your table, the shorter the time you have to keep hungry kids entertained. Appetizers are usually quick to make and will arrive at your table much more quickly than the main dishes. Add an appetizer to your meal so you can split it with your family.


If you're looking for a family-friendly restaurant where your kids will love to eat, choose Buffalo Wild Wings in Valley Stream, NY. They have 19 locations throughout Connecticut and New York, and more across the country. Since 1982, they've been delighting diners with their 16 signature sauces, as well as providing flat-screen televisions for sports viewing. To make a reservation, call (516) 561-9453, or view their menu online.

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