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A Brief Guide to Succulents November 5, 2019

Northbrook, Colerain
A Brief Guide to Succulents, Colerain, Ohio

Succulents are attractive plants that are renowned for their easy maintenance and eye-catching appearance. The most significant advantage is they perform well both inside and outside. They are also an excellent choice for beginners and those with limited knowledge of gardening. Here’s everything you should know about this popular option.

All About Succulents

An easy way to differentiate succulents from other plants is to remember that they have fleshy leaves. All succulents store water within the leaves, stems, or both parts. Varieties differ by size, color, and shape; some are spiny, like cacti, while others are flowering, like aloe. The succulent family is enormous, and the type that you choose to raise depends mainly on color preferences and whether or not you have a pet.

Care Requirements

plantsThe beauty of the succulent is that it handles periods of prolonged drought well. This adaptation is why it grows even when grown indoors. However, you should keep it under bright light. In general, this is one of the lowest maintenance plants available, meaning you can leave it alone for the most part. You shouldn’t water them too frequently—doing so will not help them grow faster. In general, place them in containers that offer sufficient drainage. Water them weekly during growing seasons, but avoid saturating the soil. Only water them again when the dirt is completely dry.

Pet-Friendly Varieties

If you’re a pet owner and love succulents, you don’t have to worry—this plant is generally pet-friendly. However, certain variations cause digestive problems, but pets typically don’t gravitate to them because they don’t smell too appealing. To be safe, invest in something that is proven to be pet-friendly, such as echeveria or sedum. By contrast, jade and aloe vera may be harmful to cats and dogs.


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